Using Widgets to ask unauthenticated users questions 

Feb 04, 2021 06:54 PM

If you want to ask a user a question/have them trigger a playbook without giving them access to the FortiSOAR Platform, use a widget!

This solution was originally developed by Christopher Carsey and I have used it for several cool use cases.

Our widget editor gives you the ability to design almost anything within FortiSOAR via HTML. Luckily we have developed this widget so you don't have to.

  • Download the attached zip file.
  • Upload unauthenticatedInput.tgz as a widget to widget editor in FortiSOAR
  • View your webpage source. Search for "css/themes/steel." and copy the name of the steel.xxxx.css file
  • Edit "Widget Assets" -> approval.html and replace "steel.css" with the name of the steel.xxxx.css file (should be around line 11)
  • Save and publish the widget
  • Navigate to https://{{fortisoar}}//widgets/unauthenticatedInput/widgetAssets/approval.html
Under line 89 you will see httpPOST('/api/triggers/1/deferred/approval', data); - this is what is triggered when the approve button is clicked. You can add the path to any API triggered playbook here and the playbook will run when the "approved" button is pressed along with absorbing the text provided by the user. See the attached playbook for an example. Keep in mind you can any of the HTML code to use your own lingo, change graphics, etc.

Now you can send this link via Email, Slack, Teams, or one of our other connectors to get input from users who do not have access to FortiSOAR or allow them to trigger playbooks.


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