Tenant Connector ID locator 

Mar 14, 2021 06:18 AM

In an MSSP environment each tenant may have a separate connector configuration. Using all of them in a playbook is not an optimal solution.
The attached playbook collection is meant to help speed up writing MSSP playbooks by automating the configuration lookup process.

For the Connector Tenant Config Locator to work, the connector configuration for each tenant must have the tenant name in it. consider a tenant called <<libertas>> the connector configuration for this tenant must have the word "libertas" as shown below:

How it Works:
The reference playbook takes 2 input parameters:
- Tenant Name
- Connector Name
it uses the connector name to locate the current connector version and extract its configurations
it parses the configurations for any with the tenant name in its name and return its config_id value which in turn can be used directly in connectors '

- Import the collection to your FortiSOAR instance
- Make sure your connectors configurations have the tenant name in it
before using any connector, use the "Connector Tenant Config Locator" reference playbook to locate the current tenant configuration ID. the tenant name can be used directly from the record for it is one of its attributes (Alerts, incidents...), check the example below:

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