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Fortinet Firewall Backup restore lower version high to lower ( interface deference issue ) resolution 

Jan 29, 2020 10:12 PM

Hello Team,

As i have recently deployed a 400 Series firewall as POC device was 500 Series there was interface deference issue due to i called #fortinetsupport but they has deny for the same that backup can't be restore on the POC device 500​   to 400 as i was dis point for the that i need to work manually for the deployment. Even i was already have done manually all the thinks on the POC device and spend more time to stable the things the same work i was not wanna for repeat again.

So i decided for the some R&D.

i have update fortinet firewall ( 400) on same firmware 6.0.2 that POC device was working.

Now i have download the both device backup file.

Open both the bockup file in the Notepad++ and just copy configured interface from 500 backup and past it 400 backup file in same interface i do the same for all configured interface any save the file 400 file. and upload it to the firewall it updated properly and i see the config was same as i have done in the POC side.

After I was download again backup file from the 400 and now interface config was properly. Now i have started the other config
put all interfaces as it is.and replace all the config file and upload it to 400 now i was surprised that all the config was same. 

i say wait my self....let it be live then see the result. (  This was the Hole night activity )

In the Morning have replace the firewall POC device500 to Actual device400. its totally socked  all the thinks was forking fine.

accept one IPsec showing down others was up i called to #Support #Tac but result none for Tshoot both side IPsec not was getting up.
after lot of exercise i was thinking there should be backup issue. Tac got disconnected. I was sit on the chair and thinking was should be issue still i was want to fight for the issue i thinking this is miner issue why should i need to again config the firewall from starting end.

After some time I got the pin point as per last experience where was most facing issue ( ARP issue)..

I just reboot the ISP router try the IPsec up very first attempt is gone up. I was jumped Ohhhh fine i did it.

@Backup can be restore one modal to other after same changes
#fortinet #admin



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