User Groups

Collaborate, Meet and Network with Your
Peers Locally.

Welcome to User Groups

Fuse User Groups are a great way to connect and interact both online and offline with other Fortinet users near you. 

Why Join

User Group members get the opportunity to:

  • Meet other local users to collaborate and network.
  • Engage with peers in conversations around best practices.
  • Find answers and solutions to challenges from experts.
  • Strengthen business opportunities by increasing skills, knowledge, and building relationships with peers.

Who is Eligible to Join

If you use any Fortinet products & solutions, you are eligible to join a local user group near you. Register to become a Fuse community member first. 

How to Join

To become an official member of a User Group:

  • Find a User Group below that is local to you.
  • To become a member, click on 'Join Group' (you must be logged into Fuse to join). 
  • Receive an email confirmation and start interacting. 
  • If you are already a member, click 'View' to access the group.

Find a User Group Near You


  Atlanta, GA

  Boston, MA

  Charleston, SC

  Charlotte, NC

  Chicago, IL

  Cincinnati, OH

  Dallas, TX

  Denver, CO

  Detroit, MI

  Houston, TX

  Jacksonville, FL

  Las Vegas, NV

  Los Angeles, CA

  Madison, WI

  Memphis, TN

  Miami, FL

  Minneapolis, MN

  New York, NY

  Philadelphia, PA

  Portland, OR

  Richmond, VA

  Sacramento, CA

  Salt Lake City, UT

  San Diego, CA

  Seattle, WA

  San Francisco Bay Area, CA

  Washington D.C


  Calgary, AB

  Montreal, QB

  Ottawa, ON

  Toronto, ON

  Vancouver, BC

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