User Groups

Collaborate, Meet and Network with Your
Peers Locally.

Welcome to User Groups

Fuse User Groups are a great way to connect and interact both online and offline with other Fortinet users near you. 

Why Join

User Group members get the opportunity to:

  • Meet other local users to collaborate and network.
  • Engage with peers in conversations around best practices.
  • Find answers and solutions to challenges from experts.
  • Strengthen business opportunities by increasing skills, knowledge, and building relationships with peers.

How to Join

To become an official member of a User Group:

  • Login to Fuse.
  • Find a User Group below that is local to you.
  • Click on 'Join Group'.
  • Receive an email confirmation and start networking. 

Attend an Event

Click here for the current calendar of user group events and subscribe to an event near you. 

Can't find a local user group near you? Contact Us today!