Reputation Badges

Engage and Earn Badges

Earn reputation badges for contributing and engaging in the community. Sharing knowledge and valuable insights with your peers are mutually rewarding - to grow your skillset and help other members of the community. These badges will help gain status, fame and set you apart from other members of the community. Moreover, they help add more credibility to the content being shared. Start Engaging!

Badges for Lifetime Activity

These badges are automatically rewarded as you continue to participate in the community activities and earn points. Each community activity is assigned a point value. As your points accrue throughout the lifetime as a member of the community, you'd be assigned the respective badges.  The more you contribute to the community the faster you'll be on your way to move up the leaderboard. Lifetime points do not expire.

> 1pt

> 100 pts

> 500 pts

> 1000 pts

> 2000 pts

Badges by Role

These badges are assigned manually based on user roles, credentials and/or site access levels.

* As the community evolves, we will be continually refining these badges and point values with or without notice.

How to Earn Points:

  • Join a community/group 
  • Start a discussion 
  • Favorite a community/group
  • Post a comment
  • Subscribe to a forum
  • Favorite a blog/forum
  • Connect with a user
  • View a blog article/discussion