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FortiAIOps - an AI/ML Network Operations Tool for FortiManager Accelerate2020-banner-Fuse-group-1000x200_blank.png

Fortinet has just announced FortiAIOps, an Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning (AI/ML) tool for network operations.

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Community Roundtable: What To Do During a Ransomware Breach Accelerate2020-banner-Fuse-group-1000x200_blank.png

Watch the replay of our incident response experts discuss about Ransomware. 

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Fortinet Wi-Fi Does Not Need Tunnel Concentrators Accelerate2020-banner-Fuse-group-1000x200_blank.png

Fortinet Wi-Fi architecture already combines the best cloud and controller architectures while being most straightforward and, unsurprisingly, most secure.

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