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    RE: SSL-VPN Secure Connection Failed

    Posted in: NSE Training

    Will do, thanks so much!

  • Posted in: Wireless

    Hi John The potential workaround did not work. Did you receive my response and the screenshot attached. Kind Regards, SAUD

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    RE: Forti client vs MS ATP defender

    Posted in: Endpoint Protection

    Hi Anupam, Fortinet acquired ensilo at the end of 2019 and launched FortiEDR. FortiEDR's functionalities combine attack surface reduction, machine learning AV, post-infection protection, Detection, and response. I encourage you to check out this demo ...

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    RE: Checkpoint OPSEC LEA Integration

    Posted in: SIEM

    Hi Daniel, Regarding the Syslog Forwarding... Were you referring to this kind of a scenario ( https://qostechnology.in/blog/syslog-integration-with-checkpoint/ ) or the 'Checkpoint log exporter' ?? Regards, Isuru

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    Threat Intelligence Brief - May 29th

    Posted in: Threat Intelligence

    Last week's Threat Intelligence Brief can be found here . Some of the highlights: Researchers discovered an updated version of the ComRAT malware that leverages Gmail's web interface to receive commands and exfiltrate data A discussion on the ...

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  • Container use continues to grow, and Kubernetes is the most widely adopted container orchestration system, managing nearly half of all container deployments. Nearly every enterprise on the planet is at some stage in their Kubernetes journey. Kubernetes’ greatest value in the enterprise is achieved ...

  • I am a BIG supporter of Central NAT . I believe it is in-line with the present day firewall platforms. Even if you use Policy NAT (the original way on FortiOS) or Central NAT you normally want bidirectional NAT'ng, that is SNAT and DNAT. DNAT / VIP There is a feature on the CLI of the VIP ...

  • I am currently running FortiOS 6.4 on this FortiGate. The use case is to have an out-of-band interface that points to a separate routing table or in this case, a VRF which stands for Virtual Routing and Forwarding. In my scenario I will create one interface port22 as the out-of-band interface. ...

  • Today, a customer asked me about selectively assigning FortiTokens to AD users using FortiAuthenticator. In this use case, I am going to use an AD group Token-Users to auto-assign FortiTokens to and another group, Non-Tokens which will be used to authenticate users to FortiGate remote access VPN ...

  • Realms are a feature on the FortiGate that I have written about in the past, but I never really did a detailed dive into them and how and when to use them. When a customer tells me they want to assign different policies to different users connecting to the FortiGate via VPN, my first thought is realms ...

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