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  • Dear Ferry, I'm bit confused because of the description in the HA Guide. The Guide mentions something that I cannot clearly decipher and thought that it should be possible to have access to both appliances: fortiadc-v5.1.x-ha-deployment-guide.pdf ...

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    VPN IPSEC Routing

    Posted in: VPN

    Hello, I need help with routing between 3 fortigates. I have 3 fortigates A, B and C. In fortigate A I have the internal network In fortigate B I have the internal network In C fortigate I have the internal network ...

  • Posted in: Email Security

    Hi We are receiving some spam with a double "from address" and Fortimail can´t block all, just some of this by black ip or similar Like this: (Protected and valid domain) (Fake sender) from: "local-account@local-domain.com" ...

  • Posted in: Management

    Till yet, some dissertation writing services have told me that a VPN can make your data unsecure. However, still if you are looking for a directory then SoftEther Gateway VPN directory would be suitable for you. ------------------------------ Chris ...

  • Posted in: Email Security

    Hi all, Can someone tell me if it's possible to protect Office 365 mail with on premise Fortimail ? thank's. ------------------------------ SEKOU [LastName] [Designation] IT System and Network Security Engineer [CompanyName] [City] [State] [Phone] ...

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    RE: Policy Routing Question

    Posted in: Firewall

    Thinking outside the box. What if you made sure the policy bases routes would use a rule if hit. You could then use the rule counters. For example if a policy based rule applied to to you make a rule to apply only to that traffic. ...

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    RE: Report based on AD/Ldap groups

    Dear, Since AD Users/ Group are already present in raw log then you can just use filters inside report settings. Choose Filer-->User/Group and tyoe the user. You can also create custom queries using this document: https://docs.fortinet.com/uploaded/files/3499/fortianalyzer-5.2.10-dataset-reference.pdf ...

  • Posted in: Firewall

    Hi, Not sure is correctly understood the question. But you may go for central NAT on Fortigate and it will be similar to Sophos. Regards ------------------------------ Rony Moussa Fortinet NSE Certified: Level 8 ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Firewall

    Hi, Yes it is. Regards Sotir ------------------------------ Sotir [LastName] [Designation] Security Analyst [CompanyName] [City] [State] [Phone] ------------------------------

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    RE: SD WAN and NAT Problem

    Posted in: Firewall

    Hi Rony, Thank you. I test link monitor, it can solve my problem on SDWAN and NAT problem. Now I have a new problem. I use fortigate 200E with firmware v6.0.1 build0131 (GA) to test. By default all traffic go through port13, I use policy route to force ...

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