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  • Posted in: Cloud Security

    Hello,  Following this article on "how to configure OCI SDN connector", it is not explained how we get the custom certificate for the API or the way to retrieve the public_key.pem file from the Fortinet_Factory.cer certificate. It appeared it was not ...

  • Posted in: Cloud Security

    Hello,  Working on a project I wanted to use python librairies not installed natively on AWS lambda.  For example, I used paramiko to generate a SSH session to an EC2 device.  I used the following process: 1. Create a standard linux EC2 device in ...

  • Posted in: Wireless

    Hi John, I am using 2 MC4200 controllers at the Hotel I work at, and 1 seems to have a faulty SD card, as the system cannot find a boot device. The other controller is stuck in a reboot cycle. It shows a Grub screen, but does not load System Director. ...

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    RE: DOS

    Burger King store also conducting the customer survey to collect the feedback from the customers. mybkexperience    | mybkexperience.com ------------------------------ kucelapar [LastName] [Designation] Mr. [CompanyName] [City] [State] [Phone] ...

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    RE: DMZ set up and Forigate 200D

    Posted in: Firewall

    Chris, does Peter's response answer your question? If so, please mark it as a "Best Answer"... ------------------------------ Swathi ------------------------------

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    Posted in: Firewall

    Hi All, I am trying to build ADVPN in my lab setup . overlay network I am running iBGP. Findings   set net-device  enable - with out this command my peering is not working with the branches , although vpn is coming up. BGP neighbourship works ...

  • Posted in: Firewall

    Thanks for the response, Rony. I've enabled source UDP session detection in pass mode, let's see how things look. I'm hoping to get some more insight that way. Gus

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    RE: SD WAN and NAT Problem

    Posted in: Firewall
  • Posted in: Authentication

    Hello Rony,  Thanks for replying.    I was aware of the "Replacement Messages" menú, but what I couldn't find anywhere was that particular "invalid code" message. I don't know if it's buried in one of those HTMLs or if someone forgot to make them customizable. ...

  • Posted in: Firewall

    Hi Aicha, When using Switches on Fortigate, monitoring individual interface cannot be done. I tried to do that but couldn't, if you find a way please let us know. Thanks Rony ------------------------------ Rony Moussa Fortinet NSE Certified: Level ...

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