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    FortiNAC DHCP Profile

    Posted in: NAC & IoT Security

    Hi All, As my understanding, we support DHCP profiling for any device. I have followed the user guide to deploy a registration VLAN and configured the DHCP relay and point to FortiNAC. I am able to discover the devices now, but the FortiNAC does not ...

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    775 Zero Days

    Posted in: Threat Intelligence

    It is always best when the good guys find zero-day vulnerabilities before the bad guys. That way we have time to fix the flaw before bad actors discover it and start exploitation. FortiGuard Labs has a dedicated team of expert researchers and analysts ...

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    RE: Can You Guess How Many...

    Posted in: Threat Intelligence

    Option C is correct. FortiGuard Labs blocks 14 million malicious websites per minute. Our web filtering team leverages a seasoned machine learning program to continually scour the internet and categorize web pages. It is a highly effective solution. Fortinet ...

  • Posted in: Sandboxing

    Hi, When configuring a regular slave one has to specify the cluster interface. For larger deployments can some regular slaves be in a different L3 subnet than the master and primary slave? I read somewhere also something about inter-cluster between ...

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    RE: FortiNAC HA

    Posted in: NAC & IoT Security

    Hello Sekou, You can point your dhcp relay relay to the FORTINAC1 and FORTINAC2, with this situation the FORTINAC2 will receive also the information but you will only use him when he will takeover the master role. Let's hope it's Ok for you as a 'trick' ...

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  • Don't you hate it when you have a really good, strong, fun password and then the associated program/business gets breached and you have to change it? Personally, I hate thinking of new passwords, and likely I am not alone. It can be hard to think of a password that meets strong password policies and ...

  • Cyber Monday draws millions of shoppers online for deals and savings, but this day also provides opportunities for an attacker to steal personal information. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) reminds users to remain vigilant when browsing or shopping online. CISA ...

  • Watch theCUBE interview with FortiGuard Labs Derek Manky - 2020 Threat Landscape Predictions

  • Multi-edge convergence is a term which describe enterprises moving to a complex architecture that requires converging multiple services into a single location. This means that the traditional approach of having the best of breed for networking, security, and other services can no longer compete in today ...

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