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FortiEDR Detection Capabilities Accelerate2020-banner-Fuse-group-1000x200_blank.png

Learn how FortiEDR behavioral detection provides real-time containment capabilities by blocking external communication or access to the file system. 

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How Threat hunters can create scheduled queries and custom detection rules with FortiEDR Accelerate2020-banner-Fuse-group-1000x200_blank.png

Learn how to schedule and customize queries in action and how custom rule detection works.

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Securing SAP Landscapes against CVE-2021-44228 (Log4j, Log4j2 or Log4Shell) Cloud Summit 2021

Learn how Fortinet can help mitigate the impact of log4shell across the SAP landscape.

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Fortinet expands it data center offerings with two new 10GE FortiSwitch Accelerate2020-banner-Fuse-group-1000x200_blank.png

Fortinet is pleased to announce the availability of a brand-new data switch model and a refresh to one of its most popular data center switch models.

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  • NRF 2023

    Get inspiration from the biggest names in retail & beyond and experience breakthrough technology firsthand.
  • Join in the conversation as cybersecurity experts and security service providers discuss the newest additions to the threat landscape and the biggest new security markets!
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  • CITE Annual Conference 2022

    Annual Conference for California IT in Education. Long Beach, CA
  • The event offers interactive, in-depth conversations with industry’s top channel pros. A showcase of vendor solutions provides additional opportunities and enables channel pros to get one-on-one advice on employing new technologies.