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    RE: FortiGate Essentials 6.2 Training

    Posted in: NSE Training


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    Problemas con servicio SIEM

    Posted in: SIEM

    Buen día, Quisiera saber si a alguno le ha pasado el siguiente problema: - tratando de descubrir un dispositivo con Windows, el descubrimiento nunca termina, y me di cuenta que el servicio phperfMonitor se encuentra abajo, reinicie todos los servicios ...

  • Posted in: NSE Training

    A mi me pasa lo mismo. desde ayer terminé todo y no me aparece el certificado. Esperemos que salga hoy.

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    Windows Defenter ATP - Cloud - BugFix

    Posted in: SIEM

    Hi, We have found that the native parser for ATP is not collecting every fields, so we share with you guys our version1. We are trying to get the IP address for correlation, the ATP gives the IP in the field: InternalIPv4List. "InternalIPv4List": ...

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    FAZ concurrent SSL VPN connections

    Posted in: IPsec/SSL VPN

    I've been search high and low for answers related to making a chart that shows the number of concurrent SSL VPN connections. I have been trying to use the following and manipulate it somehow to give me the total number at a given time. select $flex_timescale(timestamp) ...

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  • Whether you are upskilling, reskilling or educating yourself to help close the cybersecurity skills gap, it doesn’t matter. Fortinet has three no-cost courses available to anyone who is interested in educating themselves on potential threats and how to manage them. Free FortiGate Essentials Training ...

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