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  • Hi Pavel, I do think I am clear on what exactly you are asking then. Can you provide a network diagram of what you are referring to for clarification? Antispoofing/Reverse Path Forwarding does not drop traffic on the FortiGate when there is a valid ...

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    Quarterly Threat Report

    Don't forget to download our new Quarterly Threat Report. Fortinet has a unique perspective on the threat landscape. Some key topics we cover are: Spikes in attacks at the network edge Design flaw in ad-blocking service exploited to exempt malicious ...

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    No, there is no loss of functionality and the performance is not negatively impacted when you enable AI-Mode. The tool enhances the detection engine capabilities, improving the overall detection rates. Our internal testing has shown an improvement ...

  • Hello Mohammed. Please contact Fortinet Sales for help with this quwarion https://www.fortinet.com/how-to-buy.html Bill

  • Hi Jim, Thank you very much. Everything work now.

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  • FortiGuard Labs Weekly Threat Brief summarizes the latest hot threat activity and insights from across this week's cyber threat landscape. Here is a recap of what we are covering in this week’s Threat Brief: This week Fortinet released our quarterly Threat Landscape Report . This report distills ...

  • In case you were unable to attend Microsoft Ignite last week, here is what happened at the event and how to use lessons learned from this event moving forward to help your company improve security and reduce risk within your environment. Microsoft Ignite was held in Orlando, Florida this ...

  • Fortinet is releasing version 8.5 of our FortiWLM software. This version adds the capability to monitor the statistics and RF health of FortiGate managed wireless APs. A FortiGate can now be added to FortiWLM in the ‘Add Controller’ configuration screen. Switching between the FortiGate and FortiWLC ...

  • It is scary enough to think about all the bad things that wander outside our own houses. And our organizations have invested heavily to protect ourselves from these outsiders. Everyone—from the CEO, to the CFO, to the CIO and CISO, to the board of directors, wants to know what we are doing about them. ...

  • This week Fortinet released our Q3 Global Threat Landscape report. Every second of every day, FortiGuard Labs is collecting data gathered from millions of devices and sensors around the world. We distill that threat intelligence into our quarterly threat report where we can provide our unique narrative ...

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