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  • Posted in: Firewall

    Hi, Yes it is. Regards Sotir ------------------------------ Sotir [LastName] [Designation] Security Analyst [CompanyName] [City] [State] [Phone] ------------------------------

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    RE: SD WAN and NAT Problem

    Posted in: Firewall

    Hi Rony, Thank you. I test link monitor, it can solve my problem on SDWAN and NAT problem. Now I have a new problem. I use fortigate 200E with firmware v6.0.1 build0131 (GA) to test. By default all traffic go through port13, I use policy route to force ...

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    Report based on AD/Ldap groups

    Dear Team, Could you please help me find a doc or guide One of our customer wants produce reports based on user and OU. Does anybody know if it is possible to produce reports based on AD/Ldap groups? E.g. Top websites visited by Finance OU or Human Resources ...

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    RE: FG301E IPS mode

    Posted in: Firewall

    Hi Deepak, Thank you for your comment and yes fail-open same as bypass traffic without inspect in case of failing. For context mode it is possible assign more than one interface for each context even if are working in cluster mode? I have ...

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    User Report

    Dears, could you please help me to create user report in fortianalizer 5.2 which contain username, ip address and full visited URL by new data set? Regards.. ------------------------------ Mohamed [LastName] [Designation] ENG [CompanyName] [City] [State] ...

  • Posted in: Other

    I haven't been using Safari, but I'm having issues with Opera. Most of the times reddit gets annoying using on it. It's extremely slow as well, and often I get the message "Our CDN was unable to reach our servers". But if I keep refreshing, it works somehow. ...

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    RE: Fortigate 5.4.9 Routing Issue

    Posted in: Firewall

    Hello. Yohann, * You have two firewall with an interface configured to be used as management service (MGMT if i'm right). Right ? ===> That's right. * Both firewalls are in same subnet for this management usage. Right ? ===> That's right. * Issue ...

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    RE: Chromebook and Fortinet wifi

    Posted in: Wireless

    I have found that in high densities of Chromebooks Virtual Cell does not perform well, even when the ESS profile is limited to the 5GHz radio. The current configuration utilized at most of our customers is Native Cell with ARRP enabled using 20 MHz channels, ...

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    RE: unattened upgrade of DC Agents

    Posted in: Authentication

    I tought the same thing. In theory, this very process can be fired from the Collector Agent: it's just like the install, but with different parameters. ------------------------------ Maximiliano Kolus Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina ---------------- ...

  • Posted in: Firewall

    Hello, Thanks for your reply. To be honest, notepad ++ and excel, i can't anymore. :-) When i found these 3 scripts, it was really helpfull and we just have to continue this good work. Moreover, i don't succeed in my quest for adapting these to service, ...

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