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    Hello, The attached document will show you how to enforce and validate data retention policies. Kind Regards, ------------------------------ Dušan Tomić - Consulting Systems Engineer INTL Fortinet ------------------------------

  • Posted in: SIEM

    Hi, The following guide will show you how to populate the FortiSIEM CMDB by uploading and mapping a CSV file. This is an easy way of importing CMDB objects from 3rd party solutions. Kind Regards, ------------------------------ Dušan Tomić - Consulting ...

  • Posted in: SIEM

    You may have devices we don't support out of the box, the following HOWTO explains how to pull any configuration from any device using SSH and an expect script. It uses FortiWEB as an example. Kind Regards ------------------------------ Dušan Tomić ...

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    HOWTO - Integrate VPC Flows from AWS

    Posted in: SIEM

    Hi, You may find the following howto helpful if you're trying to integrate AWS VPC flows into FortiSIEM. Kind Regards ------------------------------ Dušan Tomić - Consulting Systems Engineer INTL Fortinet ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Firewall

    Hi, The IP address of the github will change. The following is the capture of one of the destination addresses.What problems can find? I tested Baidu.Cloud_File.download and upload to be well recognized and can prevent upload actions. I feel that application ...

  • Posted in: Email Security

    Hi, Yes, it is possible and you can configure the same without any issue. But consider that your Internet connection stability/speed and Power is not stable then it is not recommended. But My suggestion to go with a cloud-based email security gateway ...

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    RE: VPN IPSEC Routing

    Posted in: VPN

    Hi, I hope there are already configured VPN between devices as A to B and B to C. And as per your post, it is not possible a VPN between A to C. No issue: Fortigate A Changes: Add Fortigate C subnet on existing VPN (A to B) Phase 2 configuration as ...

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    fortiproxy implem

    Posted in: Web Security

    hi moderator/admin please move my topic to the right section if this is not the right one. aside from admin guide, anyone of you here configured/implemented FortiProxy? Do you sample template on how to install in NAT or TP mode? Thank you ------------------------------ ...

  • I do not understand it yet. usually you want to have a management IP for the A/P Cluster, let's say IP .1 then this IP you want to monitor and use for all sorts of activities, such as snmp, ssh, GUI, REST API .... this .1 is moved from box to box ...

  • Posted in: Management

    Till yet, some dissertation writing services have told me that a VPN can make your data unsecure. However, still if you are looking for a directory then SoftEther Gateway VPN directory would be suitable for you. ------------------------------ Chris ...

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  • Fabric-enabled security platforms not only provide the comprehensive visibility, protection, detection and automated response 5G networks require, they also enable organizations to weave their 5G security strategy back into their larger security framework.
  • TLS 1.3 was released last summer, and it has some important ramifications for securing your critical data.
  • There is a convergence of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds, known as cyber-physical systems. And it is transforming the technology systems that support things we don’t usually see, like manufacturing, transportation, energy production and distribution, water and waste management, and city and building automation.

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