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Discuss how to record and identifying company-wide threats through logging, analysis, and reporting over time.
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  • The purpose of this video is to give a brief description for FortiAnalyzer and the use cases for FortiAnalyzer. FortiAnalyzer is Fortinet's Security Driven Analytics and Log Management Solution. FortiAnalyzer offer organizations with a way to centrally ...

  • Attacks are getting more complex as the attack surface area increases. Tools for detect attacks have increased exponentially leaving many administrators confused as to how to handle breach detection. This video will help explain how to enable the IoC ...

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    RE: Hardware performance analytics in FAZ

    I've had a couple of customers not having any SNMP Server inhouse prior to me getting there with the Fortigate solution. For these customers IT usually costs money and they even hesitate on buying the FAZ to start with. With some more leverage including ...

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    Blank Reports

    Greetings all! I'm having an issue with a client's Fortigate 40c. I setup the FortiCloud reporting and it was working fine, however I had an issue where I restarted the unit for a disk check and it didn't come back online. After cycling the power a ...

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    RE: Report based on AD/Ldap groups

    Dear, Since AD Users/ Group are already present in raw log then you can just use filters inside report settings. Choose Filer-->User/Group and tyoe the user. You can also create custom queries using this document: ...

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    User Report

    Dears, could you please help me to create user report in fortianalizer 5.2 which contain username, ip address and full visited URL by new data set? Regards.. ------------------------------ Mohamed [LastName] [Designation] ENG [CompanyName] [City] [State] ...

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    FortiAnalyzer 200F

    Just a quick reminder that the FortiAnalyzer 200F is available and is the entry-level hardware appliance for FortiAnalyzer. It has 4 TB storage, can support up to 150 devices or VDOMs, and can process up to 100 GB per day of logs. https://www.f ...

  • FortiAnalyzer Virtual Machine of course! Rony Moussa NSE Certified : Level 8

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    RE: Exporting DHCP Monitor

    Another way if you have a preference with bash/SSH : a server would pull the information by doing a "execute dhcp lease-list"

  • Hi All, First of all take note that, -You cannot change admin username once created. -An option would be to delete this user and create a different username(See below instructions) 1. If there is only one (the default) admin account existing, ...