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  • Hello atsuo They are probably many ways to design this - but please don't go to FortiGate torture - it will end-up bloody hell =) Maybe you should consider transparent mode. Sharing ports or chaining virtual wire pair is not properly handle by FortiGate ...

  • Hi all, i'm facing a particular issue and i think is something on the fortigate. As in the subject, i have a fortigate 100D and it's running FortiOS 6.2.6. I have a lot of Vlans configured on DMZ. everything worked before the update (the previous version ...

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    SDWAN Rule Issue

    Hello everybody, I have a issue as below: I want to deploy VPN IPSEC Site to Site from on FW Fortigate at Branch site to two FW Foritgate at two positions at HQ via two ISP links (ISP1 and ISP2). After that, I put two VPN tunnel links into one SDWAN Zone ...

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    RE: Transparent mode and VDOM mode

    Thanks MENGUY, this has helped me with the configuration and will be implementing this Wednesday. I will let the group know how it went. Wil,

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    Fortigate Admin Profiles

    Hello Guys, Does anyone know how to create Admin Profiles to provide Read-Write access to one VDOM while Read-only to another VDOM for a specific user in a Multi-VDOM environment ?

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