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    RE: MC3200 failed CF card

    Hi Dustin I have a copy. Am i allowed to upload or is it ok to post. I am not sure of the etiquette her I originally got it from Chami you could as him for it I think he works for Fortinet. If its ok to use email I can forward it. regards T ...

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    RE: MC1500/1550 Image

    Hi Christian, This should be available via the support portal. All you need to do is registered the controller under your user account. As the MC1550 controller has a Meru serial number you would need to email customer support cs@fortinet.com in order ...

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    8.5Build6 7iStep

    Does anyone have meru-8.0-5-0-patch-7iStep-generic-rpm patch? If you can share, much appreciated.

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    RE: Radio Reset ForitWLC/Meru

    thanks that explains the messages. now I am still waiting for my maintenance window to update the system and then I will probably have to create a ticket. Many Thanks

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    Login using Putty

    Hi Guys, I just replaced a corrupted CF card in a meru 3200 but I am having trouble accessing the console. I am using putty. It wont seem to log in. I am using a nul modem cable with a virtual com port Any ideas on how I should log in. Am I missing ...

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