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  • Hi, I have been facing some strange issue with Fortianalyzer. I have replaced few fortigate firewalls and in these list few of the firewalls are making duplicate entry in unregistered list in analyzer. The new device is already moved to managed list ...

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    RE: I just joined

    How can I get invited to the Data Defender project for my home account?

  • Hi hugo, Fortinet don't disclose RAM/Flash/Processor related information in any public document. If you need any info as proof, therefore, you can check by issuing command "get hardware status" in CLI or please communicate with your regional Fortinet ...

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    Fortinet doesnt show up Acclaim

    Hello Fortinet Team! I cannot find Fortinet in Acclaim and as the information I found that Fortinet has not cooperate with Acclaim yet. All the big vendors have cooperation with Acclaim which can help the certified people to display their achievements ...

  • The 448E is the next generation of our extremely popular 448 campus switch with 48 GE capable access ports and up to four 10GE capable uplinks. The 448E also offers full PoE, partial PoE, and non-PoE models to address a variety of use cases. The 400 ...