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  • Watch the below video to learn about FortiAnalyzer BigData 4500F, which delivers high-performance big data network analytics for large and complex networks. ------------------------------ fuse@dmin ------------------------------

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    Fortianalyzer Report

    I am trying to get a report that shows the users visiting Online Storage applications such as dropbox, google drive, and others. I've gotten some data which shows URL's such as, equates to dropbox according to some documentation from ...

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    RE: Fortimanager

    FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer are designed to co-exist, one will not affect the other. FortiManager has some basic FortiAnalzyer features for small clients, but for larger deploys having both is required. One is for mgmt of firewalls, one is for logging ...

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    RE: Source-IP Dillema on Fortimanager

    Hi Dennis, The superior method here is to have services (logging, routing, mgmt connections, etc) sourced from a management loopback as opposed to an interface address or interface. This will make said services work properly and consistent on interface ...

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    RE: Top Talkers within a given policy

    This is available in the FortiGate UI under the FortiView Policies. It will list the policies and when you drill down, there will be a tab for Sources, Destinations, Applications, Web Sites, Web Categories and Sessions.

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