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  • I know expired services can end up blocking web access, although it's inconsistent in my experience. I'm not sure what effect expired services would have on traffic with a DNS Security Profile configured.

  • Could we have remote session??

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    RE: Fortigate license registration

    Hello guys, I succeeded to register my FWs and everything is fine. After playing these new devices for some time, I'd like to keep the license elsewhere in case of issue. But I don't know how to download this lic file from product registration website. ...

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    High CPU

    Dear All what is the cause of httpclid process was very high. i have a facing high cpu usage 100% also i was monitored IPS engine process very high i was restart that but only few minute reduce CPU usage again goes to 100% particular device ...

  • Hi all, after upgrading from 6.2.3 to 6.4.1 fw version on my FG-500E, the explicit proxy no longer works well although there has been no configuration change. With new firmare: All users are no longer authenticated but can browse anyway SNAT IP ...

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