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    RE: Forti Email vs Office 365 ATP

    Hi, Have you ever checked the Email Security Service Report 2020 Q1 of SE Labs? ( ) I think, in the report you can find some interesting point which differentiate these two products. Jud ...

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    RE: SMTP Authentication with AD/LDAP

    Hi Nawir, 1. You can create recipient policy and specify smtp authentication method as LDAP. 2. Create LDAP profile and enable authentication against Zimbra server. Please see the attached screen shots. Thanks

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    Recipient Verification with Zimbra

    Hi, SW INFO: -Zimbra 8.8.15 -FortiMail VM 6.x QUESTIONS 1. How to set valid recipient in FortiMail by checking SMTP in Zimbra (not using LDAP/AD verification) anything to to change in Zimbra site? 2. by default FortiMail will reject unknown recipient. ...

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    Check valid email to AD/LDAP

    GOALS: 1. FortiMail will check incoming mail with AD or LDAP. Because sometime spammer set "From: targetemail" and set invalid email, so that when bounce back will attack to targetemail 2. Block incoming mail by country QUESTIONS: 1. without Fortigate. ...

  • Yes you are right. I am asking Fortigate presenter here in Indonesia yesterday. To make consistency between product. For example grep only appear in Fortigate but not in Fortimail and any other product. This is problem when I want to search certain word ...

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