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    SPAN Mirror Processing

    Hello all, Is there some documentation regarding the amounth of processing resources required to enable SPAN / Port mirroring on different flavors of FortiSwitches ? I have notice some high use of RAM (75%) even on FSW that are not heavily loaded. What ...

  • Fortinet is pleased to announce the availability of a new switch in its entry level 100 series Ethernet switching line the FortiSwitch 124F . This new hardware is the companion of the 148F launched earlier this year and introduces 10GE capable SFP+ ...

  • Yes, the 124F is scheduled to be available for the mid-quarter price list. Regards, James Allen Director of Product and Solutions, LAN Edge E: jamesallen@fortinet.com ...

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    224E Full PoE?

    Hi Is there a reason that 224E-FPOE have been skipped? We have been advised to go with the 200 series switched, but I'm not sure if i should go with 224D-FPOE, og wait for a 224E/F-FPOE. ------------------------------ Christian Therkelsen -------- ...

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