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Blank Reports
0 18 days ago by Thomas
Report based on AD/Ldap groups
1 4 months ago by Rony
Original post by Yelzhan
User Report
0 5 months ago by Mohamed
FortiAnalyzer 200F 0 10 months ago by Nat
Worth buying a used FortiAnalyzer 100C? 2 one year ago by Rony
Original post by Simon
Exporting DHCP Monitor 2 one year ago by Michael
Original post by Tim
Admin account rename, delete in FAZ 5.4 0 one year ago by Prageeth
Reporting On Users & Visited Websites 0 one year ago by Fidi
Incomplete Report 1 one year ago by Sarah
FAZ: advanced ADOM setting, meaning of "will result in a reduced operation mode" 4 one year ago by pat
highlight key indicators for performance monitoring on a FAZ 1000E 0 one year ago by ABYEUX LOUIS-JANVIER
FAZ 400E Reports 1 one year ago by Kevin
Original post by semih
Forticloud log upload via OFTP becomes a pressing issue, should consider alternative now. 0 2 years ago by pat
Import Logs from storage into FAZ 10 2 years ago by Vasyl
Original post by Douglas Jose
Customer was using FortiGate to Syslog, now wants to upload old syslog to new FAZ. Possible? 0 2 years ago by Vincent
Enable Column Filter in Analyzer 5.4 code 2 2 years ago by Stacy
Download error:Interval Error on Forti Analyzer 0 2 years ago by Murat
Vulnerability Analysis and Reporting 2 3 years ago by Aftab
Original post by Adam
FAZ SSLVPN Reporting 5 3 years ago by Terry
Original post by William
Fortianalyzer Archiving 0 3 years ago by Steve David