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Report based on AD/Ldap groups
0 yesterday by Yelzhan
User Report
0 28 days ago by Mohamed
FortiAnalyzer 200F 0 6 months ago by Nat
Worth buying a used FortiAnalyzer 100C? 2 9 months ago by Rony
Original post by Simon
Exporting DHCP Monitor 2 10 months ago by Michael
Original post by Tim
Admin account rename, delete in FAZ 5.4 0 one year ago by Prageeth
Reporting On Users & Visited Websites 0 one year ago by Fidi
Incomplete Report 1 one year ago by Sarah
FAZ: advanced ADOM setting, meaning of "will result in a reduced operation mode" 4 one year ago by pat
highlight key indicators for performance monitoring on a FAZ 1000E 0 one year ago by ABYEUX LOUIS-JANVIER
FAZ 400E Reports 1 one year ago by Kevin
Original post by semih
Forticloud log upload via OFTP becomes a pressing issue, should consider alternative now. 0 one year ago by pat
Import Logs from storage into FAZ 10 one year ago by Vasyl
Original post by Douglas Jose
Customer was using FortiGate to Syslog, now wants to upload old syslog to new FAZ. Possible? 0 2 years ago by Vincent
Enable Column Filter in Analyzer 5.4 code 2 2 years ago by Stacy
Download error:Interval Error on Forti Analyzer 0 2 years ago by Murat
Vulnerability Analysis and Reporting 2 2 years ago by Aftab
Original post by Adam
FAZ SSLVPN Reporting 5 3 years ago by Terry
Original post by William
Fortianalyzer Archiving 0 3 years ago by Steve David