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Top Talkers within a given policy

  • 1.  Top Talkers within a given policy

    Posted 11 days ago
    Can we think of a way to list the Top Talkers permitted by a particular policy?

    i.e. I have Policy XX, which permits access to whatever.  I want to know the top (5) remote IP addresses pumping traffic permitted by that Policy, across the last 24 hours.  [Or even the last 5 minutes would be sufficient for some use cases.]

    Could use Fortianalyzer or the Fortigate's native interface


  • 2.  RE: Top Talkers within a given policy

    Posted 2 days ago
    This is available in the FortiGate UI under the FortiView Policies.  It will list the policies and when you drill down, there will be a tab for Sources, Destinations, Applications, Web Sites, Web Categories and Sessions.