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Better IPv6 support from Fortinet

  • 1.  Better IPv6 support from Fortinet

    Posted 16 days ago

    My AT&T Home Modem came with IPv6.   AT&T finally gave me a single delegated subnet.   I subnetted the /64 delegated range into 8 addresses for each interface of my 60E as /67 addresses.   I took Internal7 and broke the /67 into two /69.  One for Internal7 and one for 221c-AP.   I configured DHCPv6 on 221c-AP.   Fortinet doesn't support DUID to get device names only MAC.   I created my own DHCP/DNS servers in Ubuntu 20.4.1.  I can see IPv6 source and destination traffic now.  

    If IPv6 is the next big thing, why can't Fortinet fully support it?   They don't fully support IPv6 Geographic Blocking either.   Since I am a Home User, I don't get the luxury of a Sales Engineer.  Another gripe of mine.