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  • 1.  Fortianalyzer Report

    Posted 30 days ago
    I am trying to get a report that shows the users visiting Online Storage applications such as dropbox, google drive, and others. I've gotten some data which shows URL's such as, equates to dropbox according to some documentation from dropbox. 

    I've been able to scrub together a report filtered down to the storage category, however I cannot filter the top 20 or get any kind of summary of the URL tied to a service. 

    I'm hoping this is as easily available as it sounds and my lack of familiarity with the analyzer and fortinet in general is the issue.

    results looking for

    top bandwidth user to online storage sites
    Top users visting storage
    top users to a specific app (possibly filtered version of one oof the above)

    Any help or hints would be appreciated

    Thanks in advance