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  • 1.  ADVPN

    Posted 28 days ago
    Hi All,

    I am trying to build ADVPN in my lab setup . overlay network I am running iBGP.


    • set net-device enable - with out this command my peering is not working with the branches , although vpn is coming up.
    • BGP neighbourship works fine.
    • BGP routing works fine ( Hub and Spokes, I can see the routes getting populated in routing table)
    • Policies are in place to allow to and from the Spokes and Hub.


    • Albeit , VPN and overlay routing works fine , traffic flow is not happening ( host to host communication doesnt flow)
    • Shortcut command is not working ( it is not available at all)
    I am attaching my configuration ( Hub and Spoke)and diagram herewith for the reference

    Please assist to find the issue

    With regards,

    Parvees [LastName] [Designation]
    Head of Network and Security
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    Hub.txt   10K 1 version
    SP1.txt   4K 1 version