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Fortinet Launches FortiCWP

  • 1.  Fortinet Launches FortiCWP

    Posted Oct 01, 2019 12:27 PM
    A replacement for FortiCASB-Cloud, FortiCWP is Fortinet's cloud-native Cloud Workload Protect (CWP) service. FortiCWP hooks into the APIs provided by cloud vendors including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform to monitor and track all security components, including configurations, user activity, and traffic flow logs. FortiCWP will also scan cloud scan data stores for sensitive or malicious content and it will produce reports on your environment's compliance with common regulatory standards.

    FortiCWP tightly integrates into IaaS platforms including Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform to scan data stores for sensative information and malware, monitor user activity for suspicious behavior, scan applications and configurations for configuration errors and much more. 

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