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Chromebook and Fortinet wifi

  • 1.  Chromebook and Fortinet wifi

    Posted 11-23-2018 01:00

    Is there anyone out there who has chromebooks and Fortinet (Meru) wifi challenges?
    We have some schools that have gone to the purchase of chromebooks instead of regular windows laptops. We are talking about classes with 30 students / chromebooks. They complain of instability because they lose the connection several times. We have 1 AP per classroom so basically it should be well covered. We have seen that chromebooks tend to jump between AP's and bands so we've increased baserates and lowered power and we only use the 5 ghz band. Nevertheless, we are still experiencing problems.
    This was not a problem with windows laptops. Anybody who har experienced this and hopefully solved it?
    FortiWLC 3000d 8.4.2
    Virtual cell

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    Leif Gunnar Larsen

    Leif Gunnar Larsen
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  • 2.  RE: Chromebook and Fortinet wifi

    Posted 11-27-2018 14:26
    I have found that in high densities of Chromebooks Virtual Cell does not perform well, even when the ESS profile is limited to the 5GHz radio. The current configuration utilized at most of our customers is Native Cell with ARRP enabled using 20 MHz channels, with the power lowered to 17 for a deployment that has an AP in every classroom (ARRP doesn't seem that aggressive with lowering power, but you should validate based on the building structure.)  Customers that are configured this way have very few (if any) complaints about Chromebook performance.

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  • 3.  RE: Chromebook and Fortinet wifi

    Posted 09-26-2019 08:31
    Hi Leif

    Did you make the power change noted below?  Just wondering how things are going.  We are also experiencing the same thing with the same one AP per classroom. 

    FortiWLC   8.4-4build-8 | FortiWLC-3000D
    822 and 832 AP
    Native Cell