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Radio Reset ForitWLC/Meru

  • 1.  Radio Reset ForitWLC/Meru

    Posted Feb 25, 2021 12:59 AM
    Hi all,

    I have a FortiWLC50D and users complain about WiFi dropouts all the time.
    When I look at the station-log issue, there are also two constant messages:
    AP radio reset | Reset of radio interface 1
    AP radio reset | Reset of radio interface 0

    Why are the radios being reset?
    What can I do about it?

    Firmware is still 8.3 and unfortunately I cannot update / upgrade at the moment because I don't get a maintenance window ;-(

    Thank you

  • 2.  RE: Radio Reset ForitWLC/Meru

    Posted Mar 01, 2021 12:46 AM
    Hi Björn,

    Which Access Points are deployed, please?
    Is Rogue AP detection ON on this setup?

    Radio resets can happen during the switch back to a home channel, which is triggering this event, when using Rogue AP detection on a radio also used to serve clients.
    Once a client connects to this AP or rogue AP detection is disabled for this AP, resets stop and these messages will not be seen on system.log.

    Wi-Fi dropouts may be due to many different causes, related to this message or not, and need to be investigated through a FortiCare ticket with Fortinet's TAC.

    Best regards

  • 3.  RE: Radio Reset ForitWLC/Meru

    Posted Mar 01, 2021 01:48 AM
    thanks that explains the messages.
    now I am still waiting for my maintenance window to update the system and then I will probably have to create a ticket.

    Many Thanks