Meru AP 320i on mc4200 7.0-10-0

  • 1.  Meru AP 320i on mc4200 7.0-10-0

    Posted Sep 12, 2017 05:53 AM

    We still have a bunch of schools that are using ap320's until budget comes in to replace them.  I am running the schools as native cel and channel layered so most AP see a maximum of 3 other AP's  we are having issues with Chromebooks that once we get over 25 or so they all seem to drop them reconnect.  There can be other devices connected at that time and they stay connected.  I am going to do some testing to see if there is a pattern but wanted to know if anyone else has seen this issue or if I can get some direction on what else to look at.  I just find it strange that I can fill a library with 50 or more administrators all using laptops without any issues but the Chromebooks in the same room (at a different time) seem to drop or disconnect.