How to setup WIFI Testing environment with ART Images

  • 1.  How to setup WIFI Testing environment with ART Images

    Posted Sep 21, 2016 05:06 AM
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    We are trying to get the FWF units certified for local electric and wifi certification. Korea KC Certification.


    One of our SE was onsite today to setup the test environment for FWF-30E and FWF-50E but couldn’t get the test environment setup.

    Would it be possible to technically guide our SE on the setup procedures (a document that has the procedures described would also help if there is one)


    We’d very much appreciate if you could kindly help us get moving to next steps.


    - This was the first WIFI test for this SE. The person who had experience with WIFI testing is no longer with us.

    - When our SE tried to run the binary, he is getting “ERROR Cant connect to nart[0] …” message

    - ART program was run on Windows XP version, could this be the problem?

    - There were 2 ART Images that was given to us. Our SE tried both images but both of them failed to run.

    - Screenshot of the error message is also attached


    You can send me an email ekkim@... instead if you feel appropriate.