FAZ concurrent SSL VPN connections

  • 1.  FAZ concurrent SSL VPN connections

    Posted Apr 06, 2020 06:22 AM
    I've been search high and low for answers related to making a chart that shows the number of concurrent SSL VPN connections.

    I have been trying to use the following and manipulate it somehow to give me the total number at a given time.

    select $flex_timescale(timestamp) as hodex, sum(total_num) as total_num from (select timestamp, devid, vd, remip, tunnelid, sum(tunnelup) as total_num, max(traffic_in) as traffic_in, max(traffic_out) as traffic_out from ###(select $flex_timestamp as timestamp, devid, vd, remip, tunnelid, (case when action='tunnel-up' then 1 else 0 end) as tunnelup, max(coalesce(sentbyte, 0)) as traffic_out, max(coalesce(rcvdbyte, 0)) as traffic_in from $log where $filter and subtype='vpn' and (tunneltype like 'ipsec%' or tunneltype like 'ssl%') and action in ('tunnel-up', 'tunnel-stats', 'tunnel-down') and tunnelid is not null group by timestamp, action, devid, vd, remip, tunnelid /*SkipSTART*/order by timestamp desc/*SkipEND*/)### t group by timestamp, devid, vd, remip, tunnelid having max(tunnelup) > 0 and max(traffic_in)+max(traffic_out)>0) t group by hodex order by total_num desc

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!