ADVPN Route Reflector Not Working

  • 1.  ADVPN Route Reflector Not Working

    Posted Sep 06, 2019 06:51 AM
    We are using ADVPN with iBGP and the routing protocol and FortiGates running 5.6.10 and 5.6.11.  VPN Tunels are up, iBGP peering is up, 'route-relfector-client enable' is configured on the Hub in the 'neighbor-group' configuration section.  Also, local-as and remote-as are the same as expected for an iBGP setup.

    However, iBGP routes received on the Hub from Spoke-A are not advertised to Spoke-B and visa-versa.

    On my VM setup (which is running 6.0.x) this is not a problem.  Route Reflector works as expected.  Of note on the 6.0.x VMs when looking at 'get router info bgp neighbors' the Spokes status information includes the statement "Route-Reflector Client", whereas on the 5.6.10 Hub this statement is not visible in the same command output.'

    Any ideas why Route Reflector is not functioning as expected in this scenario?  Thanks in advance.

    For address family: IPv4 Unicast
    BGP table version 2, neighbor version 1
    Index 1, Offset 0, Mask 0x2
    ADVPN-HUB1 peer-group member
    Route-Reflector Client  (*Note: this is visible on 6.0.x VMs but not on 5.6.10 Fortigate)