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Split VDOM

  • 1.  Split VDOM

    Posted Jan 02, 2018 09:22 AM

    Is it possible to have IPSec VPNs that split between 2 VDOMs like Cisco tunnels?  I need to have many tunnels using a public interface in the 'root' VDOM, but routing/terminating in a different VDOM...

  • 2.  RE: Split VDOM

    Posted Jan 24, 2018 07:53 PM

    If I understand your question right. You are having 2 VDOM. The first one which is the root VDOM which is connected to the public Interface and the 2. one which is the VPN VDOM and that is connected to the 1. one via inter VDOM-link. Is this correct?

    If so, you need a public IP on the inter VDOM-link of the 2. one. Alternate you can have this public IP one the 1. one as a VIP and forward the traffic to a private IP on the inter VDOM-link to the second VDOM.

  • 3.  Split VDOM

    Posted Jan 25, 2018 04:29 AM
    Yes, I could do it this way, but I would prefer to keep the two VDOMs isolated from each other. In the Cisco and Juniper worlds you can create a VPN tunnel with the physical interfaces in one VRF and the logical tunnel interfaces in a different VRF.

    This would 1) simplify policy setup and 2) allow for small remote office cases where only one public address is allowed.

    Tim McKee

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