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    Posted Jun 07, 2017 06:49 AM

    Please, i have a https server hosted locally but I want external connectivity to this app/server to only be via a VPN tunnel. which VPN solution will be best to implement.

    Passionate network engineer

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    Posted Jun 08, 2017 11:45 PM



    if you need access to the web server from a remote branch office, I would configure a site-to-site IPSec tunnel, if you need user access I would recommend to configure Dial-In SSLVPN-tunnels for your users.




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    Posted Jun 09, 2017 01:30 PM

    thank you for the prompt reply.


    Passionate network engineer

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    Posted Jun 13, 2017 04:44 AM

    As an addition, a simple layer of security would be to use an SSL VPN in web mode, then a http widget.

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    Posted Jun 01, 2018 11:43 PM


    there is no site to site connectivity then I am suggesting for the SSL Web-based VPN. 


    Deepak Kumar

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    Posted Jun 07, 2018 02:20 AM

    SSL VPN or IPSEC dial up VPN for Users

    Rony Moussa

    NSE Certified : Level 8