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Fortianalyzer IOC enrichment

  • 1.  Fortianalyzer IOC enrichment

    Posted Apr 30, 2021 08:02 AM
    We are reviewing the compromission hosts in fortianalyzer with the IOC licenses and have found the information in fortianalyzer to be lacking.  When you click on an IP external associated with the compromised based on the IOC no context or data is show about that IP.  I have to go out to external 3rd party websites to pull back this data instead of performing all the work in the analyzer console.

    What is the online reputation of the IP?
    What ISP or company is the IP associated with?
    How old is this IOC?
    Is the IOC associated with a malware family or APT group?

    Fortinet has all this data about IOCs why are they not sharing it in analyzer to help make our jobs easier?