• 1.  FortiSIEM 4.10 Released!

    Posted Sep 21, 2017 03:31 AM

    FortiSIEM 4.10.0 is now available!   

    FortiSIEM 4.10 includes several significant new features:  
    • “Managed Devices” are those devices that send log and event data to FortiSIEM or being monitored by FortiSIEM for availability, performance, configuration or changes. These devices will continue to require a FortiSIEM license.
    • “Un-Managed Devices” (new with FortiSIEM4.10.0) are those that are discovered by the FortiSIEM CMDB, but will not be monitored or managed by FortiSIEM. These devices will not require a FortiSIEM license, and will not be monitored or managed by FortiSIEM.
    • Unlimited Unmanaged CMDB Devices In prior releases, every device appearing in the FortiSIEM CMDB required a device license. Starting with 4.10.0 release, the concept of 'Managed' and 'Unmanaged' CMDB devices is introduced to provide users with more options and flexibility.  
    •   EPS Bursting Using Unused EPS Starting with the 4.10 release, FortiSIEM will provide a 'reservoir' of unused EPS (Events Per Second) to be used during peaks and spikes. FortiSIEM will automatically add 50% of the unused EPS from the previous day (at midnight) to their EPS reservoir, allowing users to burst at up to five times the Licensed EPS using the currently available Unused EPS in the reservoir.  
    • New Rules Many new “reports rules” have been added to address current threats, including Wannacry and NotPetya ransomware activity – requires FortiSIEM Advanced Windows Agent.  
    • New Device Support FortiSIEM 4.10.0 release adds supports for SentinelOne - log analysis.  
    Before upgrading to FortiSIEM 4.10.0, you must get a newly generated license key prior to starting the upgrade process.
    Please refer to the Release Notes for further information and details,
    FortiSIEM 4.10.0 – Release Notes -
    FortiSIEM 4.10.0 – Licensing Guide
    FortiSIEM 4.10.0 Image download link* (Upgrade and full install)  
    FortiSIEM 4.10.0 – Admin Guide

    Insider's Notes:

    FortiSIEM continues to thrive as part of the Fortinet family of products and solutions, and the leadership team has been expanded!

    Dr. Partha Bhattacharya: VP & CTO of FortiSIEM. Dr. Partha Bhattacharya continues his pursuit of delivering the industry’s leading SIEM technology solution through his ongoing leadership of the engineering team as the VP & CTO of FortiSIEM.  Partha has a long history in the SIEM market.         
    In 2002 Dr. Partha Bhattacharya founded Protego Networks, one of the first, industry leading SIEM solutions on the market. In 2004 Cisco acquired Protego Networks, and leveraged Partha’s innovations as the platform for their Cisco MARS (Monitoring, Analysis and Response System). In 2007 Partha left Cisco to found AccelOps in order to continue his pursuit of bringing the industry’s most comprehensive SIEM solution to the market. AccelOps provided differentiated value with real-time cross-correlated NOC and SOC analytics (patented), asset self-discovery (Configuration Management Database – CMDB), and MSP/MSSP ready multi-tenancy. Fortinet acquired AccelOps in June of 2016, as they saw the value that Partha and his team had created and the benefits AccelOps technology could add to their overall Security Fabric strategy.
    Alan Newman: Director of FortiSIEM Product Management - Alan joined the team in June, and has a broad range of strategic product leadership in security and networking tecnhologies.   Prior to joining Fortinet, Alan held senior product management and product marketing roles at Microsoft, Cisco, Juniper and most recently Infoblox.
    Mike Reinhart: Sr. Director of Product Marketing.- Mike is the former VP of Marketing at AccelOps, and continues in that function at Fortinet.  Mike’s experience includes leadership roles in security portfolios for early stage start ups to global leaders in cloud and emerging technology companys.
    Kevin Gallaugher: FortiSIEM Technical Marketing Engineer -Kevin joined Fortinet in April and was most recently from Gigamon. Kevin is responsible for all technical marketing activities for Fortinet’s management products.
    Adrian Munoz: Sr. Manager of Worldwide Sales Development and Renewals -Adrian held the same role at AccelOps, and is responsible for maintaining ongoing relationships with new and existing customers
    Michael Reinhart
    Sr. Director - Security Operations Solutions