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SNMP stopping/degrading functionalities

  • 1.  SNMP stopping/degrading functionalities

    Posted May 19, 2020 05:03 AM
    Dear Forums,

    if this is topic is located in the wrong discussion topic please point out the correct one.

    I have started a monitoring of my fortigate appliance with the SNMPv3 protocol and have noticed something very peculiar.

    My NGFW model is as followed:
    Fortigate 100E
    OS: 6.2.x( due to unable to connect remotely to the device i can't pin point the exact OS build)

    I am currently using LibreNMS for my network and management software.
    The application is working perfectly without any types of problems and i could setup the connection with the fortigate without any problems, but after a few hours(approx 5-8) after discovering my fortigate some of my functionalities on my FG stops working. I can not ping to the FG, i can not remotely connect to the FG, and my NMS application can not connect or receive information from the FG anymore. But what is interesting is that the main functionality(for us) that stops working is SSL-VPN capabilities. Our internet connectivity is redirected from this FG and that is functioning normally. Restarting the system during working hours is currently not possible, because after a restart i will get all my functionalities working again and even the NMS applications starts receiving the required snmp information.

    The problem started happening after SNMP was enabled and data was started being collected from the FG. Any tips? remarks or advice what could be the cause of this problem?