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FortiCloud upgrade to 3.2 is complete

  • 1.  FortiCloud upgrade to 3.2 is complete

    Posted Aug 16, 2017 12:58 AM

    The FortiCloud services in North America and Europe have now been upgraded to 3.2. 
    There are a number of key benefits to this version, the release notes and the new Admin Guide highlight a number of them, but to just call out a few in this post:

    Single login for both data centres:

    If you have FortiGates or FortiAPs hosted in both data centres you can now access them from a single login, just tick the 'Show Service List' tickbox on the login screen to select the data centre.

    FortiGate config management is live:

    It is now supported to push configurations down to FortiGates, this can be done immediately or shceduled to happen out of hours. 

    FortiCloud Sandbox file submission:

    It is now possible to manually upload a file to FortiCloud Sandbox for processing.

    The release notes are available on the Fortinet Documentation site:

    and a new Admin guide is also available from the help button in the FortiCloud interface or can be downloaded here:

    FortiCloud is developing and growing quickly, the next release is planned very soon, watch this space.

    Phil Keeley