Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)

  • 1.  SDWAN Rule Issue

    Posted Dec 14, 2020 08:47 PM
    Hello everybody,
    I have a issue as below:
    I want to deploy VPN IPSEC Site to Site from on FW Fortigate at Branch site to two FW Foritgate at two positions at HQ via two ISP links (ISP1 and ISP2).
    After that, I put two VPN tunnel links into one SDWAN Zone for monitoring latency and jiter on each link.
    Because I have two devices Firewall at HQ, So I must create two SDWAN Link monitor with two server different on each FW HQ.
    When I apply SDWAN rule for traffic VPN Critical (Voice, Signal) use two interfaces VPN Preference But I can not add two measured SLAs.
    Who can help me this issue ?
    Thank so much.