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Fortigate 100D - OS 6.2.6 - Ping Issue

  • 1.  Fortigate 100D - OS 6.2.6 - Ping Issue

    Posted Jan 08, 2021 08:24 AM
    Hi all,
    i'm facing a particular issue and i think is something on the fortigate.

    As in the subject, i have a fortigate 100D and it's running FortiOS 6.2.6.

    I have a lot of Vlans configured on DMZ. everything worked before the update (the previous version was 6.0.11 and i followed the right update steps from

    Now i have a lot of problem with all vlans. icmp packet loss and lost connection on machine via RDP.

    Does anyone faced the same problem? what could i do to troubleshoot this?

    Thanks a lot