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  • 1.  Log port Ident 113

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    Posted Apr 24, 2018 04:39 AM


    We have a strange behavoir on our fortigate with the Ident protocol 113.

    A client, in a DMZ

    A server (Squid) in an other DMZ and in the middle the FG.

    I can execute from our FG a telnet to the client IP on 113.

    but cannot from the server to the client host.

    However i can ping, obtain a DHCP adress and more. Besauce i have a silmple rule which permit all from the 2 directions.

    So Why ?

    One more question, i can't see log on my FG when i execute the telnet from it.

    Someone have a idea ?


    Best regards Stéphane R.