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Manually Uninstalling FortiClient on MacOS

  • 1.  Manually Uninstalling FortiClient on MacOS

    Posted Nov 20, 2019 03:59 AM

    Recently I did the Catalina Upgrade to both of my MacBook Pros.  FortiClient was working on both.  Then on ONE of them, I did the supplemental patch.  That patch killed my FortiClient.  Man was I on fire.  Fortinet announced that 6.2.2 would fix the Catalina problem.  I attempted to uninstall FortiClient on my laptop but continuously got the FortiClient screen but everything was grayed out.  Needless to say I was not a happy camper.  Since Apple does not give you information about what they did with their patches, there was no way for me to figure out what I could do to reverse the issue.

    I attempted to use the uninstaller but would get and error message to the affect of "Forticlient is running, please shut it down".  So I decided to manually remove it via the CLI.  I was unable to uninstall or re-install over top of it.  Here is what I did.

    Shell out to a terminal window.  Use the Terminal or iTerm2 or whatever floats your boat.

    cd / 
    cd Library/LaunchDaemons 
    sudo rm -rf com.fortinet.forticlient.* 
    cd / 
    cd "Library/Application Support/Fortinet" 
    sudo rm -R FortiClient
    Reboot the Mac 
    run FortiClientUninstaller from the Applications Folder

    You should now be able to re-install FortiClient