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FortiAuthenticator - One Client - mulitple Domains

  • 1.  FortiAuthenticator - One Client - mulitple Domains

    Posted Feb 23, 2017 01:31 PM

    hey everyone

    got a bit of an authentication requirement

    On our existing FortiAuthenticator appliance we have a requirement where we have one 'radius service client' but a requirement to enable two-factor authentication against multiple "remote auth ldap servers" depending on the customer.


    The radius client is a NetScaler VPX - authentication requests regardless of end user domain all leave the NetScaler via the same IP (radius service client).  There are no Trusts between the domains.


    We need users of domain1.com.au and users of domainx.com.au to use the same NetScaler and same FortiAuthenticator appliance 


    anyone got any ideas?