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uninstall registered forticlients

  • 1.  uninstall registered forticlients

    Posted Aug 30, 2016 10:13 AM


    I have a customer that deployed 2500 forticlients on windows 8.1 tablets.

    Due to a bug he needs to upgrade the forticlients. Deployment was done using a software deployment tool.

    If he upgrades, the bug remains. Support told him to uninstall and install the new version. He tested this on a few tablets and that works fine.

    But now of course he wants to script this with his software deployment tool. However the FortiClients are registered to the FortiGate and can't be installed unless you click 'unregister' before uninstalling

    How can he do this remotely or is there a way to uninstall FortiClients that are registered to a FortiGate?