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Where is FortiClient for Linux documented?

  • 1.  Where is FortiClient for Linux documented?

    Posted Jun 25, 2016 08:56 AM

    I know we publish a "VPN" folder on the firmware images library that contains an SSLVPNTools folder, and that has a linux client in it that supposedly works with the FortiOS version it's bundled with, but I cannot find any release notes, guides, instructions or README files in there or in the other documentation.

    Places I've checked:

    • the .tar.gz that we publish
    • Docs.fortinet.com --> FortiClient, looked in Admin Guides, Reference Manuals and Release info
    • FortiGate docs - I did find in the "SSL VPN for FortiOS 5.4" handbook that it mentions Centos or Ubuntu and that user must download the client application web site.  It says to refer to release notes for other info, but the 5.4 release notes only mention Linux CentOS 6.5 and Ubuntu 12.0.4 as supported operating systems, but no instructions or info.
    • Searching kb.fortinet.com in the FortiClient 5.4 section for "linux" returns no results.  If I broaden to all forticlient, the only KB article is FD30658 which says there is no Linux FortiClient (which is obviously wrong)

    I see the .tar.gz has a helper directory, with a setup file, but it's not clear to me what needs to be done, what the command line options support, or what we expect users to do to use the client.