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Fortimail: Typical settings for concurrent connections inbound

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  • 1.  Fortimail: Typical settings for concurrent connections inbound

    Posted Oct 11, 2019 10:40 AM
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    In IP Policy and Conenction Settings there is a setting for :

    "Maximum concurrent connections for each client:"

    Out of the box it seems this was 5.  We've had a couple of issues with voting software sites like ElectionBuddy and SimplyVoting where email is seriously impacted from the low limit.  The election sites need to send a unique message per recipient and they want to send it quickly. 

    I've increased ours to 10 for the time being as it seems to match what they need.

    I know that value is also important to protect against DOS and to kill the productive use of spam software.

    Looking for any input on what seems to be an industry standard for concurrent connections per client.  Third party services should not be in a position to advise on what our limits should look like when they have no responsibility for the side effects.