Blogging Guidelines & Best Practices

Fuse blogs is a place to share the latest product news & updates, industry trends, tech tips etc., with our globally distributed technical savvy audience

To post a blog:

  1. You should be approved and granted access to post blogs in the community. If you do not have access or need access, please contact the site admin.
  2. If you already have access, Log in to the Community and navigate to the Blogs section to add a new blog post. 
  3. On the blog's page, you will be able to select "Create a New Blog Post”.
  4. Give your blog a title, the permalink will auto generate from the title:
    • Use short & compelling titles with specific keywords included in the first 60 characters of title to describe the purpose & enhance SEO.
    • Optimize the URL & Meta - make sure you include your one to two keywords in it using long tail keywords
  5. Insert your content into the text box:
    • Include & repeat 1-2 target keywords in specific parts of the blog that match the intent of your reader.
    • Add any visuals to keep it more interesting for the reader.
    • Keep the content relatable by telling a story, post varied blog topics, personalize and provide key takeaways.
    • Minimize fluff and get to the point concisely and quickly.
    • Add CTAs to elicit engagement. CTA to the respective Fuse forum or Group to start a new discussion.
  6. "Associate this post with a group" is also automatically generated to your specific community. Please do not change it.
  7. Add the respective “Meta information” to enhance the SEO. 
  8. Choose the blog visibility to “Public” so as to enable viewership for non-members/visitors not logged into the site.
  9. Select "Publish".
    • To complete and publish at a later time, Save as Draft.
    • To access your saved blog post, go to your Profile > My Contributions > List of Contributions and choose the blog you need to complete and publish.
  10. Now, your published blog will be in moderation until the content is reviewed by the Fuse team.
  11. If approved, the admin will publish the blog and you will receive a system generated auto-notification. If unapproved, the admin will inform and advice on any next steps via email.

Here are some recommended guidelines to follow for the blog content to be published: 

  • Content relevant to our technical audience such as hot topics, best practices and tips etc.
  • Content should be in English owing to our members distributed globally. *If you need help, please let us know.
  • Content should be original and include citations wherever applicable. 
  • Recommended article length is between 500-1500 words, ideally with added visual elements. *We can certainly help provide any images as needed.
  • Content should be informative and not for advertising. Please avoid submitting articles or excerpts that promote products, services, or third-party content.

Here are some best practices to keep your viewers engaged: 

  • Respond, respond, respond. Make sure to subscribe/follow your blogs and others and respond on any questions or comments posted in a timely and non-defensive manner.
  • Be professional, show respect and understanding of the questions/concerns.
  • Enforce community code of conduct, flag offensive content & users, and discourage off-topic discussions
  • Make it a dialogue, not a monologue.
  • Mention others & use # tags while posting content.
  • Inform but not promote – focus on benefits and not features to engage audience.
  • Amplify and cross promote your blogs on your social & marketing channels.

Have questions? Send an email to the Fuse Admin

Happy Blogging!