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Welcome to Fuse

Fuse Community (Fortinet User Community) is for our members regardless of whether they are investigating a Fortinet solution, had a solution, or currently own one, to participate in online conversations, share & gain knowledge, and network with other local users who utilize or are interested in Fortinet products & technologies.   bg-darkred.png

Member Benefits

Some of the membership benefits include:

  • Build a network of users and experts that span across industries globally.
  • Provide a voice to inform and influence Fortinet's technology landscape.
  • Participate in forums to discuss various technologies in the emerging security industry landscape and provides solutions to some of the technical challenges.
  • Follow blogs with content shared by product experts to help members stay informed on product tips & tricks, technology trends and more.
  • Stay informed to register & attend various corporate, industry and community events that provide expert content and opportunities for networking & speaking.
  • Join user groups for learning, networking and leadership opportunities.
  • Earn reputation badges for contributing and engaging in the community.


Get Involved

Getting involved in the community is as simple as it can get. Just become a member and start a new discussion or join the current discussions to kick start your conversation. Also, join a user group near you to start interacting with your local peers. 

Members are provided with some volunteering opportunities to contribute, network, learn and lead. If interested in getting involved with any of the opportunities like posting blogs, start & lead/moderate groups, speaking at events etc., just send us your details with the stated interest.

And to help strengthen the purpose of the Fuse Community, we strongly encourage all members to abide to the participation Guidelines and PoliciesFor questions regarding how to participate, please read our FAQs.  

Have more questions? Contact us.

Join us and get the conversations started today!