How to enrich FortiSOAR with Trend Micro Endpoint Security Data?

By Kateri posted Dec 11, 2020 02:34 PM


Endpoints are a critical and growing part of a corporate infrastructure.  Especially now in changing times with a growing teleworker force, endpoints need to be protected vigilantly. Cybersecurity attacks often start at the endpoint and then pivot to critical data sources. Thus, it is critical to bring endpoint detection data into a central view and orchestrate protection and remediation by utilizing multiple security controls and processes.

Trend Micro has been proudly protecting customers from cyber-threats for over three decades, allowing them to consistently respond quickly to threats and protect their businesses from attack with high confidence.

A partnership with Fortinet, which shares our commitment to open approach and putting customers first, enables us to offer best of breed solutions to mutual customers who can extract maximum value from security data shared between our solutions and ensure their security posture is optimized.

Fortinet FortiSOAR™ | Trend Micro ApexOne

Alongside Trend Micro XDR that creates prioritized alerts based on its native telemetry across Trend Micro products, customers also run a SIEM and SOAR platform where they can integrate data from other sources to optimize threat responses. The Trend Micro ApexOne with Fortinet FortiSOAR integrated solutions offering is designed to maximize the productivity of SOC teams, reduce human error through automation and enhance customers’ ability to detect and respond to threats.

Security teams can instil automation in their response to endpoint alerts that they receive from Trend Micro Apex Central by creating playbooks in FortiSOAR. The playbooks help analysts to investigate with enriched data, and leverage it for threat hunting, and endpoint remedial actions.

The solution enables coordination of proactive actions and automated response via APIs that can enable rapid response options via automated playbooks.

Playbooks allow operation teams to easily perform automated operations, such as creating a live investigation, performing actions on security endpoints, and lists of managed endpoint security agents with ease.

FortiSOAR Dashboard

Our partnership, supporting your future

In summary, the Trend Micro and Fortinet integrations benefit customers by linking together different applications within their security environment, to offer a powerful combination of broad visibility, security analytics, event management, orchestration, automated response and remediation, together with endpoint protection. Customers can leverage the integrations and the Fortinet Security Fabric platform across an organization’s security infrastructure, delivering unparalleled visibility and protection.

Trend Micro and partners like Fortinet are sharing a commitment to putting customers first. By enabling them to eliminate siloes and minimize cyber risk, we all win.

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