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Notable Threat Activity This Week

By Jeannette posted 15 days ago


FortiGuard Labs published a weekly Threat Brief discussing memorable threat topics and activity discussed and analyzed during the week.  Here is a recap of some of that activity:

  • Mobile threats continue to increase in volume and impact. In this week's threat brief we outline five critical elements needed to enhance your mobile cyber security awareness program. This is critical as 14% of all cyber threats overall are detected on Android devices.
  • In fact, this week we saw some prominent mobile threat activity. xHelper Trojan dropper is not only able to reinstall itself on Android devices after it has been removed, but it can also do so after a full factory reset of the device. You can read the analysis of this Trojan in this week's brief.
  • Several humanitarian aid organizations were targeted with a mobile-focused phishing campaign. You can read more about this targeted phishing campaign and the various techniques that the bad actors used.
  • Content management systems are often targeted by attackers because there are various proof of concepts and vulnerabilities that have been published, making them an easy candidate for exploitation. We have seen a 20% increase in attacks leveraging a specific vulnerability against WordPress Plugin MM Forms Community.
  • This week, FortiGuard Labs researchers came across a number of websites advertising as cryptocurrency exchange platforms, but further analysis found the sites were phishing sites, with the domains registered and hosted on a Russian website hosting service.
  • Raccoon is an information stealer sold in underground forums as a malware-as-a-service. The developers of Raccoon have now expanded their market to include English hacking forums.
  • We also profile some malware tools where the threat actors named their tools after characters and items found in a popular Japanese anime series.

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