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A Lot Happened in the Threat World This Week

By Jeannette posted 25 days ago


A lot happens in the cyber threat world each week. FortiGuard Labs distills some of the more impacting activity into our weekly threat brief.

You can read the full brief here:, including a link to subscribe to the weekly email.

Below is summary of some of our articles this week:

  • We breakdown our analysis of a newly discovered variant of the NetWire RAT that is spreading via phishing email.
  • Summation of our analysis of a new TrickBot variant our researchers discovered that is being used in a targeted attack. The threat authors have leveraged some interesting tactics.
  • Microsoft released out-of-band updates addressing two vulnerabilities, one of which is being exploited in the wild.
  • The Emotet malware awoke from its hiatus. The latest attack begins with a spear-phishing campaign that uses a Word document that references a recently released memoir of Edward Snowden.
  • Foreign Trading NanoCore RATs - Our researchers encountered a large-scale phishing campaign targeted at foreign trading companies in China.

Read these stories and more:

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Jeannette Jarvis

Director, PMM FortiGuard Labs