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What's Hot In The Threat World This Week?

By Jeannette posted 09-20-2019 13:04


FortiGuard Labs Weekly Threat Brief summarizes the latest hot threat activity and insights from across this week's cyber threat landscape.  Read here: Weekly Threat Brief

FortiGuard Labs processes over 100 billion security events per day. This data is culled from our broad portfolio of products representing everything from devices to the cloud, and gives us a unique perspective of the threat landscape. We then turn this analysis into effective security guidance for you, for free, in our weekly threat brief.

Here is a summary of what you will find in this week's edition:

Nemty Analysis – FortiGuard Labs researchers recently analyzed the new Nemty ransomware. This malware contains similarities to the GandCrab ransomware…

Most Dangerous Software Errors – This week MITRE published the Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors, a compilation of the most frequent and critical weaknesses that could lead to serious vulnerabilities in software…

Those Affected by WannaCry Still Weeping – When WannaCry first hit in 2017, its devastation was a national sensation. Over two years later, we are still facing the repercussions of this notorious ransomware…

A (Tortoise)shell Game – This week, a Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA) partner released information regarding an active malicious actor dubbed Tortoiseshell found to be targeting the IT industry in Saudi Arabia…

Amadeus! Amadey Botnet Orchestrating in Your Network – This week, researchers released research on activity on an ongoing phishing campaign that is primarily targeting users in the United States…

Read the full stories, and more: Weekly Threat Brief

Jeannette Jarvis
Director, PMM FortiGuard Labs